Are you causing the Hair Fall?


Our lifestyle, from what we eat to how we handle our hair can affect our hair. While losing a few hair strands is considered normal, it’s when you start shedding clumps of hair that raises a concern. If you are wondering what you are doing wrong, these are some common mistakes that are leading to hair thinning and breakage.

Taking hot showers
Hot showers dehydrates strands (just like skin), and strips the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dry, brittle hair that’s more prone to breakage. Instead opt for lukewarm water and try to rinse hair with the coolest temperature.
Not washing hair often
Skipping regular washes could lead to excessive product buildup on the scalp that can clog hair follicles. It’s essential to wash your hair every two days especially if you are sweating or using a lot of hair products.

Combing wet hair
Our strands are more fragile and prone to breakage when wet. Hence it’s important to use a wide toothed comb or let them air-dry first before any form of styling.
Skipping meals
Starving yourself or crash dieting can cause malnutrition which could have an adverse effect on your hair. Include plenty of lean protein in your diet to curb hair loss.
Wearing tight hairstyles
Pulling your hair too tight from the roots causes damage and hence, should be avoided. It is also best to not use very tight hair ties while sleeping at night.

Consuming foods rich in processed sugar:

Processed sugar has many adverse effects on the body and deteriorating hair and nail quality is one of them. High sugar intake leads to an increase in blood glucose which means the body has to produce more insulin. This further leads to an increase in androgen, which can result in shrinking of the hair follicles and eventually lead to hairfall.

 Low protein diet:

The basic building block of hair is the protein called keratin. Thus, insufficient protein intake means that you are at a higher risk of hair loss. Lean meat can be an adequate source of protein. Vegetarians can opt for lentils, spinach, beans, and tofu as sources of protein.

Having an excess of vitamin A:

Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and sharp vision. However, excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

Calcium deficient diet:

Calcium is an important requirement for healthy and lustrous hair. Calcium deficiency can lead to adverse effects on hair and nails. Your diet could benefit from calcium-rich foods such as milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Low intake of zinc and iron:

Iron and zinc too facilitate hair health and need to be included in your diet. They help in keratin formation which is important for hair growth and health. Seafood and red meat are rich in iron and zinc, and beans are also a good source of these nutrients for vegetarians.



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