Don’t Wait, Hydrate!

We are all aware that drinking water regularly is essential for the body, however the majority of us perhaps are not cognizant of how important proper hydration is for our health. Practically every system of the body relies on water to function optimally, hence the need for adequate intake.

The average human body is comprised of 69% water by weight. It contributes an indispensable role in the work of the respiratory, circulatory, excretory and nervous systems. Water is likewise essential for the management of skin components as well as the hindrance of many of disorders.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water:

1. Water Helps Maintain the Body’s PH Balance

Our bodies maintain a pH range of 7.2 for physiological processes to be normal. An acidic change could result in illness and an incapability of the body to use vitamins and minerals. Hence, pH levels should not drop from the value of 7, which is ideal for the body’s oxygen intake, better energy amounts, and a boosted immune system to ward off disease. Consuming the right amount of water helps retain optimum body PH.

2. Water Regulates Body Temperature

A great deal of the human body is comprised of water, which is responsible for the management of body temperature. We perspire when it is warm to disperse the heat, resulting in a decrease in our temperature. This temperature management phenomenon can affect everything from motivation to energy levels, which is why adequate water intake is incredibly important for daily health.

3. Water Helps Cleanse the Body of Toxins and Waste Material

Water is the vehicle for oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to the various parts of the body. It likewise acts as an agent for the eradication of dead cells, toxins and waste material. The enzymes and proteins that take part in many essential processes also require water for proper functioning.

4. Heartburn, Constipation, Gastritis and Ulcers May Be Averted with Adequate Water Intake

A host of issues are linked to a water deficit. Heartburn, constipation, gastritis and ulcers can all be prevented or managed by having generous amounts of water. All too often people are prescribed all sorts of medication, not knowing that their problems could be solved just by managing water intake.

5. Water May Prevent the Formation Kidney Stones

One must drink two liters or ten glasses of water a day to prevent the formation of kidney stones, and people with cysteine stones may need to drink even more. Water is an ideal solvent and it prevents salts and minerals from gathering, which could eventually form into kidney stones.

6. Water May Help in Lubricating the Joints and Alleviating Pain Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Joints in the human body are disposed to unceasing friction. Their proper shape can be maintained by consuming the right amount of water, rather than simply masking the discomfort with painkillers.

7. Water May Prevent Infections, Constipation and Hemorrhoids in Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers

The nutrients and other elements essential for fetus growth is carried from mother to child through the bloodstream which needs water.

Bladder infections, constipation, and hemorrhoids are prevalent while pregnant, and these can be averted through drinking profuse amounts of water.

8. Water Improves Skin Tone and Complexion

Adequate water amounts in the body prevent the body from experiencing dehydration, which in turn maintains the elasticity of the skin. A host of skin issues can be avoided simply by drinking enough amounts of water.

The skin holds a lot of water and acts as a protective guard to prevent excess fluid loss.

Having profuse amounts of water hydrates skin cells and buoys them up, shaving off years from your appearance. Water also aids at replenishing skin tissues as it moisturizes the skin, and increases its elasticity. It also filters out impurities and boosts circulation and blood flow, which can result in a more youthful glow.

9. Water helps Promote Weight Loss

Consuming water aids weight loss by functioning as an appetite suppressant since it makes one feel fuller. Water helps in reducing overall calories taken in, especially before meals. Drinking lots of water also prevents fluid retention, since the body will not attempt to hold on to water.

10. Water Assists in Detoxification

Our body fluids bring waste in and out of the cells, just as our kidneys and liver filter waste products and other toxins. This process can only happen efficiently if adequately hydrated.

Not drinking adequate water places one at risk of developing kidney stones as well as urinary tract infections.

 11. Water Promotes Regularity

Proper hydration helps prevent constipation. Water aids in dissolving waste particles, allowing them to pass effortlessly through your digestive system. If dehydrated, the body extracts water from the stools, creating a dry colon, making it more difficult to defecate.

12. Water Promotes Athletic Performance and Muscle Hydration

Being properly hydrated is vital for activity and exercise. Consuming water helps stave-off muscle cramps and lubricates the joints of the body as well.

Furthermore, drinking water can make stronger muscles. Water transports oxygen to the cells of the body, which includes muscle cells. Adequate hydration allows the muscles to function better, resulting in better workout sessions.


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