How Do People Choose Hospitals?

At some point in our lives, most of us will need to choose a hospital or a healthcare facility for ourselves or a loved one. But what factors influence our choices? Most of the people think that “presence of renowned doctors” is the most important factor while evaluating a hospital in both emergency and non-emergency cases.Respondents could select more than one option depending on their preferences for the survey question. Specialty treatments and hospital infrastructure comprise the other decision factors. Finding all this information can be tricky and time  consuming

Important factors considered by respondents in Non Emergency while evaluating a hospital:

1] List of Associated doctors – 82%
2] Specialists availability – 81% 
3] Ambulance facilities – 79% 
4] OT/ICU, trauma care – 79%
5] Affordable cost of services – 79%
6] Confidentiality of patient information – 78%
7] 24 X 7 Pharmacy – 78%
8] Blood bank – 78%

9] Hygiene/Cleanliness – 78%
10] Use of advanced technology – 78%

Healthcare is a very important and sensitive aspect of anyone’s life and no one would like to make any uniformed decision. Informed decisions can be made only through transparency in healthcare. Quality of treatment, timely treatment/ good service and pace of treatment and recovery are the top three considerations that respondents keep in mind while deciding on hospitals for any treatment. All three parameters cannot be judged by an individual, nor does anyone have a cost comparison of all hospitals. As a matter of fact there is no ready reckoner that entails all relevant details on healthcare providers.

Currently there are no set standards and procedures to measure the cost, quality, outcome of the healthcare providers or any platform to access all the required details about hospital infrastructure. The way forward for this is evidence based practice and accreditation of healthcare providers that will make it mandatory for hospitals to follow quality protocols with respect to infrastructure, procedures and outcome of the services provided by them.


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