Worried you will Binge Eat this World Cup season too??

Worried you will binge eat this World Cup Season too? Keep reading to find out how to avoid it

World Cups are premier sporting events that foster high levels of enthusiasm and fervour among its fans. It is also a time that accompanies with it binge-eating and drinking. No wonder pubs and restaurants across major cities in India are gearing up to serve to this fan frenzy that is going to kick start on May 30th.

Despite that if you are one of those who want to change your habits and adopt a healthier approach to watching World Cup then keeping reading. We have compiled a list of sure shot ways to help you keep from senseless eating this World Cup season.

Plan your meals and snacks in advance

You’ve probably heard of this a lot and it’s not without reason. Planning your meals in advance has a lot of benefits. This gives you a chance to arrange for healthy alternatives rather than gobble up the easiest meal available which most times comprise of unhealthy foods.

Meals could also be scheduled to coordinate with important match timings. This way hunger won’t be an issue while you are watching the game intently.  You might still reach for the bag of chips but you will surely stop after eating a couple.  This level of involvement in planning meals goes a long way in curbing binge eating.

If going out, put a cap on your spending

So you and your friends have decided to hit your favourite club to watch the grand ICC World Cup matches, you think you won’t be able to limit the junk food? Don’t be disappointed yet, you can still use a couple of tricks to enjoy your time with fellow fans at the same time keep the promise you made yourself to eat healthy.

Tricks such as pre-deciding the menu, keeping a slightly tighter budget, sitting away from the bar counter – all can greatly help in sticking to a healthy meal routine.

Keep yourself hydrated

Well, we should always keep ourself hydrated that’s common knowledge. What does World Cup have to do with it?

The grandiose with which World Cup match events happen call for great celebrations mostly in the form of special food and lots of alcohol. This can leave you awfully dehydrated. Quite a few times our body reads this as hunger and we end up over eating. To void this, it is best to keep sipping on some good old H2O.


Invest in bite-counter gadgets

Finally to the interesting bit! Being in the 21st century and not talk about technology, doesn’t seem right isn’t it? Here is technology giving us a helping hand at staying on a healthy track.

Bite-counter gadgets are wrist watch like devices that pick up the movement of the arm to count eat bite the user takes. It has been helping people across the globe in keeping up with their diet plans. The constant feedback, even while eating meals, can surely help in avoiding binge eating even if you are engrossed in watching nerve-wrecking matches.








Source: Author – Ms. Roshni Nair


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